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I just read some blogging tips post, saying that we, bloggers, sometimes write too much, that we should keep it short now and then. Well, I could write an ‘about me’ this way: Sarah | Belgium | nineties baby | … But we’re not on Twitter here, and so would it seem like I’m a lazy butt.

If you saw my blog header already, you should know my name: Sarah De Zutter or Sarah Delwyn de Zutter. I could be explaining why you can also call me Sarah Delwyn, but it’s not that interesting actually. I was born on the 18th of April in 1998.

On my blog I want to share my opinion, my stories,.. I want to make this all mine and not just a blog of which there are enough already. Can be a tough ‘job’ sometimes, cause every teen girl is into blogging these days and they all want or need to be different, or act like they are. I always try to do my best not to let a bloggers block overcome me again.
My life and interests include art, fashion, poetry, lots of fantasy but also the hard reality.  So I guess you can expect all kinds of topics on my blog. There could be a less interesting topic for you here, once… but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to come back! You’re always welcome, and I’ll try to surprise you every time. 

At school I study fine arts and architecture. In my free time I practice quite a lot of hobbies, like playing the cello – ‘’a big violin’’, in case you don’t know this instrument – and saxophone, some more art classes, youth-orchestra, string ensemble, longboarding, designing, blogging and way more!

Also, I'm a thinker. I might seem shallow-brained and seem like a teen just like all the rest. Well okay, I understand and you could be right. I just hope and keep my fingers crossed that you're wrong and I am right about the person(ality) I am.

Art obviously is a huge part in my life and so I would like to set that forth, it’s the direction I want to go in future. I haven’t achieved so much yet, but I got called on stage during the award ceremony of an art contest. I wasn’t included in the best three, but I did get an  honorable mention, which I am also very proud of. Art is very personal and maybe the judges just didn’t get my taste and personal style, too bad for them. 

Want to know more about me? Stay tuned. You’ll get to know me bit by bit. 

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